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2017 Limited Warranty for Joy of St. Croix

Limited Warranty for Joy of St. Croix’s Tub Repair & More repair and refinishing services – effective for 2017, mainland United States of Amaerica

What Does This Warranty Cover?

This limited warranty covers defects in the materials or workmanship of repairs or refinishing done to bathtubs and bath related surfaces that result in blistering, peeling, cracking or other failure of adhesion of the refinishing materials.

What Does This Warranty Not Cover?
This limited warranty does not cover man-made damage or negligence on the part of the user.
For example:
– chips or nicks due to impact,
– scratches, e.g., from improper cleaning methods or regular wear and tear,
– cuts or gouges, e.g., from washing an animal
– stains and discolorations, e.g., from bleaches, dyes or acids, perfumes, or solvents
– problems caused by leaky plumbing or rust damage.
– movement of the substructure resulting in cracks or splits in the repaired / refinished surface
– standing water for extended periods of time
– damage to plumbing or fixtures
– damage to property by failure of repair
– damage caused by use of bathmats
– damage from any activity or use that is not normal or an intended use of the bathtub or shower as recommended by the original manufacturer
– structural problems
– failure of repair due to further degradation of bath unit

What Must You Do to Keep the Warranty in Effect?
The newly refinished area needs 24 HOURS to cure. Keep it free from water during this time.
A soft nylon loofah should be used for cleaning: we recommend a pine cleanser.
DO NOT use abrasive sponge pads, steel wool, wire brushes, or metal scrapers.
DO NOT use high alkaline or strong acid cleaners.
DO NOT use for water storage or allow standing water for extended periods of time.
DO NOT allow the surface to come in contact with acidic substances like lemon, lime or other fruit juices, vinegars, etc. This may cause surfaces to discolor.
DO NOT use abrasive cleaners such as Clorox® or Comet®. Prolonged exposure to bleach will cause discoloration.
DO NOT use products that contain the following chemical ingredients: hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide, pumice (abrasive).
DO NOT bathe dogs or animals with claws that can damage the surface.
NO Rubber Bath Mats! Bathmats containing suction cups will destroy the finish.

Stains • Rust • Sharp Objects
Destruction of the finish may occur through improper use of acid-bearing compounds like drain openers and tile grout cleaners. Products containing bleach, oils, hair dyes, etc., may stain or mar the finish. Never hang garments that could bleed stains on the bathtub. Do not wash animals in the resurfaced tub or sink. Avoid storing objects directly on the surface, especially metal cans, which may form rust stains.
Leaky Faucets Protect the finish against the eroding action of dripping water, which may cause the finish to crack or mar prematurely.

What is the Period of Coverage?
One year – You must retain the order number to verify date and location of repair

What Will We Do to Correct Problems?
Should our material or workmanship prove faulty during the warranty period, we will correct these faults at no additional cost to the user. We will complete this work in a reasonable time, usually within 30 days or less. If work is needed that is outside of the warranty, a 25% discount off of the online price will be offered.

What Will We Not Do?
PLUMBING: Our technicians are not plumbers. They are not licensed, equipped, trained or authorized to do plumbing. The only fixtures we will attempt are the overflow and the drain shoe, but we do not guarantee a successful drain shoe removal; old drains shoes and pipes can be rusted or degraded and can break during removal.- sometimes a plumber has to be called out if the drain hasn’t been replaced in over five years.

How Do You Get Service?
Warranty service and general maintenance questions can be submitted to

How Does State Law Relate to This Warranty?
This warranty is governed by the laws of the State of Georgia.

2017 Preferred Commercial Client Terms and Conditions

2017 Price & Policy guide for
JOY of St. Croix – Tub Repair & More


Thank you for your interest in Joy of St. Croix – Tub repair & More. If you are interested in our “Preferred Industry Partner Program” to be eligible for special discounts, services, and products, and resources, please be prepared to address two points:

1) We offer discounts related to time saving. A residential client requires an additional 2 hours of time for initial phone greeting, explaining scope and process, scheduling, greeting at jobsite, examination of work, and final payment. If you  bypass sending your order in through established channels, keep workers waiting for you to unlock the unit, submit incorrect or misleading orders, etc., you are not saving time but wasting it, thereby costing money – and not eligible for a discount.

2) You are accepting to be charged according to a price list (listed below) and accept that any discounts on any service, product, or resource are contingent on your adherence to our policy guide (listed below). You must send in the form (below) acknowledging your acceptance to be charged according to that price list and to adhere to the policy guide. If you do not follow our policies, which are designed for accuracy and efficiency in order fulfillment and invoicing, you will removed from the Preferred Industry Partner Program.

Ordering Format for FSRs (Field Service Requests) is done online through a PIPP designated gateway that will reflect your membership discount for each product or service you are eligible for.

After your account is set up you will be given an account password (that you can change) that will give you access to the PIPP ordering gateway. Fill out all info as requested and select “pay by check” at the checkout. Your company will be invoiced by email, and you can pay by cheque or PayPal.

We schedule all FSRs (and additional items added to the initial request) based on time to do the repair, travel time between job-sites, and physical location; the above format fulfills all of these requirements in one simple e-mail for both of our companies, and establishes the scope of the repair requested that is needed for time and geo-location scheduling.

We will not accept “Check all tubs” or “you’ll see it” –

We will not accept a forwarded “inspection report”, “punch list”, or pictures in lieu of a written description.

We charge for the work ordered off of the price list that you requested. If additional work is needed at the time of the repair it will be up to the discretion of the repairperson to determine if the additional request fits into their time schedule – order carefully and completely for timely scheduling.

Any  discount offered is directly proportional to both your marginal net worth and the efficiency of our relationship, and is subject to change without notice. – Please, follow the format.

Free travel boundary is 20 miles past the Bobby Jones / I-20 loop; a travel fee of $50 will be charged for every hour of driving time past the travel boundary unless otherwise arranged.

All invoicing is submitted by e-mail to a single designated address of your choosing. If a BCC is requested for superintendents, a designated “” company e-mail must be supplied – no personal emails will receive a BCC.

Invoices are assumed to be net payable in 15 days unless prearranged. Invoices 45 days past their due date are sent to collections. Any discounts offered or extended through specials, coupons, memberships, or subscriptions will be forfeit on invoices that are 45 days past their due date.

No work will be commenced until an email acknowledging acceptance of these terms has been received. Please indicate your acceptance by submitting the form below, or by your company email stating:

Legal Business Name
Legal Business Address
Legal Business e-mail (contact and invoicing)
Name and Position of Authorizing Individual
Acceptance of JSTX 2017 Price & Policies

ATTENTION: Superintendents are NOT the party authorising the work – they are the authorising party’s agent. The authorising party is the party who approves the invoice for payment – which is why all of our prices are printed for pre-approval. Superintendents must have their employer request membership in the PIPP before the superintendent will be given an account.

Table 1
Product small medium large extra large    
adhesive / plumber glue removal $100 – up to 1″ sq $130 – up to 2″ sq $150 – up to 4″ sq      
chip – composite $100 – up to .5″ $130 – up to 1.5″ $150 – up to 3″      
chip – porcelain $100 – up to .5″ $130 – up to 1.5″ $150 – up to 3″      
crack – impact $100 – up to 1″ dia $130 – up to 2.5″ dia $150 – up to 3.5″ dia $250 – up to 6″ dia    
crack – structural $150 – up to 3″ linear $175 – up to 5″ linear $200 – up to 8″ linear      
defect – composite $100 – up to .5″ dia $130 – up to 1.5″ dia $150 – up to 3″ dia      
gouge $100 – up to 2″ linear $130 – up to 5.5″ linear $150 – up to 9″ linear $200 up to 14″ linear    
hole – drain/overflow $250 – up to 1/4 circumference $325 – up to 1/2 circumference $450 – up to entire circumference      
hole – panel $150 – up to 1.5″ dia $200 – up to 3″ dia $300 – up to 5″ dia $500 – up to 12″ dia    
hole – tub body $150 – up to 1″ dia $200 – up to 2″ dia $300 – up to 4″ dia $400 – up to 6″ dia    
marks on porcelain $100 – up to 2″ linear $130 – up to 5.5″ linear $150 – up to 8″ linear      
polish – general $25 per sq ft          
polish – panel $350 – inside tub $275 – sidewall $500 – rearwall      
polish – tub apron deck $150 – apron deck $150 – rear deck / backsplash $400 full deck / wrap-around      
rust – freckles/spots $100 – tub floor          
scratch – composite (see “marks on porcelain”) $100 – up to 2.5″ sq $130 – up to 4″ sq $150 – up to 5.5″ sq $300 – up to 12″ sq    
stain – composite $100 – up to 5″ sq $130 – up to 12″ sq $175 – up to 2.5′ sq $200 – entire floor and up to 3″ on tub wall    
vinyl window – crack $150 – up to 1.5″ $175 – up to 3″ $200 – up to 5″      
vinyl window – gouge $150 – up to 1.5″ linear $175 – up to 3″ linear $200 – up to 5″ linear      
vinyl window – hole $150 – up to 1″ dia $175 – up to 1.5″ dia $200 – up to 2″ dia      
vinyl window – missing piece $175 – up to 1.5″ $200 – up to 2.5″ $250 – up to 3.5″ $300 – up to 5″    
vinyl window – exterior work no charge – mandatory for weather and temp scheduling          
vinyl window – ladder work $15 – interior, 6′ A frame $25 – exterior, 16′ extension $40 – exterior, 25′ extension      
void $100 – up to .5″ $130 – up to 1.5″ $150 – up to 3″ $250 – up to 6″    
trip fee $50 – past 45 miles from shop location          
refinish/ bathtub clawfoot – interior $800 – white          
refinish/ bathtub clawfoot – exterior $800 – white          
refinish/ bathtub clawfoot – feet            
refinish/ bathtub clawfoot – strip $175 – interior or exterior          
refinish/ bathtub standard $750 – white          
refinish/ bathtub standard – strip $175          
refinish/ sink farmsink $600 – no sideboard, single bowl $650 – no sideboard, double bowl $700 – single sideboard, single bowl $750 – single sideboard, double sideboard $800 – double sideboard, single bowl $850 – double sideboard, double bowl
refinish/ sink kitchen $600 – no sideboard, single bowl $650 – no sideboard, double bowl $700 – single sideboard, single bowl $750 – single sideboard, double sideboard $800 – double sideboard, single bowl $850 – double sideboard, double bowl
refinish/ sink pedestal $600 – bowl only $300 – pedestal only $800 – bowl and pedestal      

Acceptance of Joy of St. Croix’s 2017 Price List & Terms and Conditions